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Longest MTB marathon in Croatia

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Custom made adventure of a lifetime

Welcome to the Remarkable Events, a collection of extraordinary adventures in beautiful and exciting Croatia.

Remarkable events are a group of adventure-centered events based in Croatia and created with the same attitude.
From world-class multi-day adventure racing to trail running, ultra-marathon mountain biking, and custom-made adventures, we create high-quality sporting events for all those bold enough to escape their comfort zone. Our passion for true adventure doesn’t leave any room for compromises. This means that the dauntless adventurer hiding in you can finally satisfy its appetite and create lifetime memories.
Unspoiled nature is our home and we walk our talk. Nothing makes us happier than being out there, creating the most beautiful wilderness routes and sharing them with you. Our priority is to leave no footprint and protect our nature while keeping the event standards high.
If you’re curious to discover your inner strength by stepping out into the unknown, there is no better way than to go on a journey with us.

About us

We are a small group of people whose life is an adventure and are passionate about sharing our adventure gems with others. As both multi-sport competitors and race organizers we proud ourselves on having the feeling for the perfect adventure. Our 15-year experience in creating events is only making us try harder and perfect what we already know is great.
We value our freedom and live the life of our dreams which gives us space to translate our experience into high quality and out of the box events for those like us. Our adventure race is among the most popular ones in the world and we cooperate with national tourist board in presenting Croatia the way we know it and feel it. What we offer in any of our events are years of exploring and preparation which we hope you will feel every step of the way.


Multiday adventure race in breathtaking wilderness of Croatia


500 km

100 hours limit

Teams of 4 people

Adventure Race Croatia is a world-class multi-day adventure race event and a part of the Adventure Racing World Series.
Four-member teams, with at last one member of the opposite sex, are navigating their way over more than 500 kilometers of Croatian wilderness with nothing but maps, compass, and their muscle power. In four to five days of racing on bikes, on foot, and in a kayak, their aim is to get to the finish line in the fastest possible time, with or without sleep.
In 2021, the diverse and exciting landscape of Croatian regions of Kvarner and Gorski Kotar will be hosting 40 teams from six continents. In this mission, that some think is impossible, they will be switching from joy and excitement to discomfort and pain, while trying to keep their team spirit alive. They will, nevertheless, smile at the finish line. That we can promise.


Two races in two days on two beautiful islands


23 km, 15 km and 8 km

23 km, 15 km and 8 km

Cres & Lošinj trail race is a two-stage trail running race that is taking place on beautiful islands of Cres and Lošinj in the northern Adriatic Sea.
The first day event is held on the island of Lošinj while the second day the race moves up north to the island of Cres. This race is made for strong runners as well as for amateurs and families looking for an active weekend in nature. Both stages have three distances ranging from 7 to 24 kilometers so you can push yourself on your terms or have a relaxed weekend with like-minded people. It’s completely up to you to decide how you want to enjoy these islands to the fullest.
The Island of Lošinj is well known for its mild microclimate and will most likely treat you with a beautiful day throughout the year while Cres wilderness will make you curious to explore more and find some of its beautiful and hidden coves.


750 km of backroads and stuning views


750 km

20 000 m of elevation gain

Transcroatia MTB Marathon is the longest and the most attractive bike marathon in Croatia. Starting at the Croatian westernmost point, in the city of Umag, you will enjoy the Istria peninsula in its absolute Tuscany-like beauty before traversing the mesmerizing mountain of Učka and arriving at the National Park Risnjak on the other side. Once you go further east, to the region of Gorski Kotar you slowly start making your way to Croatia’s wildest and longest mountain range Velebit. Detached from civilization and immersed into unspoiled nature, you’ll realize that this ride was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. After Velebit’s magnificent views you descend to a third National park on your way, NP Krka, and finally, enjoy some gentle paths by the Lake Vrana. Not before long, you will find yourself on the Adriatic Seashore for a well-deserved dip.
Transcroatia MTB marathon is 750 kilometers long with tough 20 000 meters of elevation. It will surely push your limits, but the views will be spectacular from the first to the very last kilometer. This project was brewing for a while, and now the time has come to release it into the world. Stay tuned for more details of a bikepacking adventure for your memoirs.


XC MTB and TRAIL race


One of the hardest MTB marathons in Croatia

Dausijada is a small and friendly sporty event created on the lush green hills, just above our occasional HQ in the tiny village of Dausi, located in the center of the Istria peninsula. It started as a joke among our friends, though we soon realized we have a hidden jewel in our backyard. Days were spent exploring every nook and cranny of our hills and forest while clearing and creating paths. The result is our own outdoor amusement park that we would like to share with the world.
The event currently consists of two disciplines – XC mountain biking and trail running. A 31-kilometer long XC loop is surely not for the faint-hearted. Long, fun and sometimes technical downhills followed by demanding uphills is everything a skilled mountain biker could hope for. Unlike the bike track, the running trail is for everyone and it’s up to you whether you want to push your limits or enjoy numerous invigorating views. Everyone is free to download GPX tracks and come to visit Dausi on their own, while the real face to face event is planned sometime in autumn 2020.


Unique opportunity to try the courses from previous editions


Custom made adventure of a lifetime

RELIVE ARC  is a custom-made multisport tour for an adventure-hungry and above-average fit people who’d like to experience the magic of adventure racing on their own terms. Each tour is following the path of past ARC races and consists of never-ending Croatian wilderness highlights. Months of meticulous exploring have been put into creating a spectacular course for each race and now those, still mostly hidden and unknown, routes are waiting to be relived. Make no mistake, this tour is not for an average outdoorsy person. RE ARC is for those who seek extremes, are willing to push their limits, those who are not satisfied by following the beaten tracks, and are ready to suffer for the perfect moments. RE ARC will show you the beauty of sunsets and sunrises in the mountains, make you embrace the calm of the night, teach you to appreciate simple things, and most importantly, force you to realize your power is being born at the moment you thought you were done