What is ARC Bike Tour?

If you love mountainbiking and adventure than you are in the right place. Reliving ARC bike routes is absolutely the best way to experience Zadar and Šibenik region in a week.

This course was custom made for the past ARC races and it connects wast areas with little infrastructure, no official bike trails and pristine nature. It is the product of months of exploring the area and creating the best possible biking route.

We enjoy every meter of it and although rocky terrains might drive you crazy every now and then, you will not regret any of those bumpy rides.



Pick up at Zagreb, Split or Zadar airport (depending on the agreement).
Accommodation in Gračac.

DAY 2 - LEG 1

70 km | + 1800 m | - 1300 m

Master’s road is a route design along the steep slopes of Velebit in 1832, with numerous hairpin bends between the canyons and the peaks. Still to this day it represents a masterful achievement in road construction. The maximum inclination of the road is 5.5%, which is within limits of even the current regulations on road construction. The stunning views should take your mind off the long uphill and once you get to highest point you’re in for a treat. Hilly Velebit plains and wild wooden paths will take you on a long descent all the way to the other side to Gračac.

Night in Gračac.

DAY 3 - LEG 2

47 km | + 950 m | - 1450 m

60 km long ride from Gračac to Žegar will be a bit more gentle on your legs after the hard start. Easy uphills, fun downhills, slightly technical terrain and beautiful views of the green and untouched nature will surround you during the whole day just to award you with crystal clear waters of river Krupa and Zrmanja in the end.

Night in camp Žegar.



Today it is up to you whether you want to take a day off, go for an easy bike ride or hike. Our advice is to experience the most beautiful kayaking in Croatia. River Zrmanja and its rapids will take you for a few hours ride in a secret wonderland. Mesmerising landscapes, powerful canyon, beautiful waterfalls and refreshing cold water is something we highly recommend and we ourselves go back to every year. You can relax your legs but can still keep the adrenaline up under and spice this week up with something different.

Night in camp Žegar.

DAY 5 - LEG 3

93 km | + 2100 m | - 1900 m

This will be long but a beautiful day. Hilly roads will lead you over rarely used gravel and rocky terrains full of stunning natural megaliths until you reach the well of river Zrmanja. Crystal clear water will be an important refreshment just as it was for Napoleon when he built the old gravel road that leads to it. The great thing about the Napoleon’s road is that it will take you back up to the plateau, the bad thing about it is that it is uphill, and then a bit more uphill. Award will be fun singletracks, shadowy dirt roads, hilly flow sections and romantic grass rides by the river. This stage has it all and you will have a long cruise to the city of Knin.

Night in Knin.

DAY 6 - LEG 4

82 km | + 1600 m | - 1800 m

The morning will start with the much needed flat ride towards river Čikola. Gravel roads will take you through the plateau above river Krka all the way to the canyon of Čikola where you will descent to the National Park Krka. Following the paths close to the water you will finish your day in a beautiful town of Skradin.

Night in Shradin.

DAY 7 - LEG 5

56 km | + 900 m | - 900 m

Skradin – Pakoštane

It’s almost all flat from here to end. Flat is, of course, a relative term. The last effort will be a short climb to Kamenjak above Vransko lake but once the view to the islands opens and you spot the finish line those last kilometers will seem like an easy stroll.

Night in Pakoštane.



Transfer to the airport.

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